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04 September 2009 @ 01:04 am

Brian's gun charm necklace thingy

I would get it (because I'm a creepy copy-cat fan like that), but it costs 166 dollars. And while I would be willing to order it if it meant I would not eat for a week, or possibly even two, I happen to like food, and I doubt I could go a month (because it costs about as much as food for a month, since I live on Ramen and coffee). And I can't exactly say 'hey mom, I want to be creepy and get this charm. WANNA LEND ME 166 DOLLARS/A MONTHS WORTH OF COFFEE? Because she would slap me.

So, since I do not have an extra 166 dollars lying around (fuck, don't even have 20. I couldn't even pay the shipping/handling on it without not eating for a  few days), I shall not be getting it. Maybe I shall get all my friends and fam to pool money to get this for me for xmas. They would probably just tell me I'm crazy. I hate being poor.



Feeling: depressed
Hearing: Girls - Beastie Boys