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01 August 2009 @ 07:08 pm
3 Ficlets  
I want to call these Drabbles, because I like the word, but they're all over 100 words. So, ficlets, I suppose.
Here are three ficlets I wrote when I should have been sleeping.
They probably suck... I'm no good at short stories, but... I try.
Read away.

I'm Your Stupid (Frank/Gerard) PG-13, 590 Words
Frank is pissed at Gerard for forgetting their anniversary.

I'm Your Stupid


Frank glares across the bus at Gerard, who is happily oblivious that he's being glared at.


Frank isn't one to hold grudges, especially not over stupid girly things, but come on, it's their first anniversary! They'd been dating for exactly a year now, and this is big. Frank had prepared this huge speech and bought Gerard this really, really limited edition Batman comic, and he'd fuckin woken up early to get Gerard coffee. And do you know what Gerard had said when Frank had presented him with the coffee? He'd said “Oh, thanks. Is today Wednesday or Thursday? Cos we're supposed to be in Oklahoma on Thursday, and this doesn't look like Oklahoma...” It didn't look like Oklahoma where they'd been in the morning, but that was besides the point, because then Gerard just got up and ambled off with his coffee. He had forgotten. And Frank really couldn't be more pissed.


What?” Gerard asks now, and Frank's glare is refreshed. He considers telling Gerard what, but instead just snorts and stands up.


“Nothing,” He says, and stomps off moodily to the bunks.


“What's wrong with him?” Frank can hear Mikey ask Gerard, and even though he can't see him, Frank knows Gerard is shrugging.




Frank?” Gerard's voice is muffled outside Frank's bunk, and Frank grunts in response. Then there's a big, moving, mass of Gerard in his lap. Gerard's head is right under Frank's nose. At least Gerard started showering occasionally. “Frank, what's wrong?” Gerard asks, wrapping his arms around Frank. Frank shrugs and tries to pull away from Gerard, but Gerard is just as monkey-like as Frank is, when he wants to be. “Frank, you've been weird all day. Just tell me what's wrong.” Frank tries to resit, he really, really does. But Gerard's warm, and secure, and right there, and he smells like coffee, cigarettes, and lemons and Frank... he really can't stay mad at someone who cuddles that well, can he? Nope.


You forgot our anniversary.” Frank mumbled into Gerard's hair. There is a moment of stillness before Gerard starts shaking. Frank has a panicky moment when he thinks Gerard is crying (he's supposed to be the upset one, okay?) and then a very angry moment when he realizes Gerard is laughing. “It's not funny! It's been a year, dude! And you forgot!” Gerard really can't contain himself now, and he's gasping for breath, hanging onto Frank for dear life and laughing that stupid horse-laugh that both Gerard and Mikey do.


“It's not our anniversary!” Gerard manages to gasp out, and Frank's still frowning, but now he's more confused than pissed off.


“Of course it is! It's Thursday!” He says, and Gerard calms himself down and shakes his head.


No. It's not. I checked with Brian, Frank. It's Wednesday and we're still in Kansas. Tomorrow is our anniversary!”Gerard pushes himself up and he's staring at Frank as Frank counts off the days and yeah, shit, it is only Wednesday. Frank grins at Gerard sheepishly and Gerard shakes his head, “You don't honestly think I'd forget, do you?” He asks. Frank shrugs.

“I didn't before.” He says and Gerard shakes his head and pulls on Frank until Frank's head is laying on his chest and Gerard is gently stroking his hair.


“You're stupid.” Gerard tells Frank fondly. Frank smiles, holding onto Gerard's sides lightly.


Yeah, but I'm your stupid.” Frank says and grins. Gerard nods.


“Yeah. You're my stupid.”


Dinosaurs (Bob/Frank) PG-13, 569 words
Bob doesn't know why he's bringing Frank a glass dinosaur...


Bob isn't exactly sure how he ends up at Frank's house, but he does. He's outside Frank's front door with his hands stuffed in his pockets, waiting for Frank to answer the door.


When Frank does answer the door (an entire two fucking minutes later) he's disheveled and grinning. This isn't really a new look for Frank, though, and Bob was kind of expecting it anyways.


“Hi!” Frank says casually (if very loudly), like it was normal for Bob to be randomly stopping by Jersey.


Hi.” Bob responds, and holds up a small bag, “I got you a dinosaur.” (Okay, so maybe Bob does know how he ended up at Frank's place, but he doesn't really want to understand why.)


Oh my god, really? Bob, you're awesome!” Frank looks really gleeful as Bob hands him the bag. Frank takes out the small, glass representation of the dinosaur.


It's a Tarbosarus. The guy in the shop said they're basically an Asian version of the Tyrannosaurus” Bob explains. What he doesn't tell Frank is that he'd told the guy at the shop he was buying it for his ten-year-old nephew.


That's awesome! Look! He even has tiny scales! Bob! It's got actual scales!” Frank looks way too happy to be healthy, and it kind of makes Bob feel warm. He's definitely smiling as Frank grabs onto his arm and pulls him inside the small house, “C'mon, help me find the right place for him!”


Bob follows obligingly, closing the front door for Frank (because he knows Frank wont) and jogging for the dark stairwell to the basement. Frank basement, Bob thinks, is nerd heaven. Frank's got the entire place plastered with poster of Black Flag and Bouncing Souls, old movie posters, guitars, comic books, and everything else he can get his little geek hands on, and the far wall is completely dedicated to dinosaurs. Dinosaurs of all shapes, sizes, and kinds. Most of them are the cheap plastic ones you can get in variety packs for kids. Frank, Bob has learned, doesn't discriminate when it comes to dinosaurs.


Frank walks up to one of the shelves and looks at it thoughtfully. His long eyebrows are curved together, almost meeting, and he's chewing on his bottom lip. Bob watches him with mild amusement.


After a few moments of deliberation, Frank takes one dinosaur – a rather nice looking wooden Pterodactyl – and moves it back, putting the Tarbosarus in it's place. And Bob feels oddly fucking honored that his dinosaur gets to sit in front.


Frank steps back and nods, grinning wider than he had before.


It's amazing, Bob. Where'd you get it? I've never seen any like that before.” Frank says. Bob looks at Frank through the corner of his eye.


“I got it in Chicago a few days ago.” He says, and Frank turns to frown at him.


What? Seriously? Did you come here just to give me a dinosaur?” And it sounds really fucking absurd now that Frank's saying it, so Bob just shrugs noncommittally. Frank grins and throws his arms around Bob's neck. Bob grunts by default, but he's pretty happy with the reaction, “You are so fucking awesome, Bob Bryar.” Frank says and Bob thinks he doesn't really need to know why he flew to Jersey to give Frank a glass Tarbosarus. This is good enough.

Fangs Up (Frank/Gerard) PG-13, 472 words
Gerard knows he shouldn't be in the haunted house... but it sounded like such a good idea

Fangs Up

Gerard walks through the dark corridor. The mansion is abandoned and smells like rotting wood. It's a thick, musty smell that is making it hard for Gerard to breathe. But Gerard is determined. How is he supposed to draw and write stories about haunted mansions if he's never experienced one?


Something creaks in the floor above him and Gerard jumps, crashing into the wall and swearing when he hits his hand. Okay, so maybe coming here in the middle of the night, alone, wasn't the best idea. Mikey had told him it wasn't the best idea, but it seemed cool at the time. It wasn't like monsters were real, right?


Another creak sends Gerard skittering into another room as quickly as he can go. This room isn't any better than the last. The furniture is old and dull and stained and it looks wet. There's a big bay window on one end of the room, and the moonlight is shining through it, casting weird shadows that move and dance in the room.


Hello,” Gerard nearly screams as he turns on his heel, but nothing is there. Gerard is freaked the fuck out. He was sure he just heard something... “Come upstairs,” The voice is quiet and faint and entrancing. Gerard can't tell if it's male or female, or how old, and he doesn't care. He just wants to follow it...




The second floor looks exactly the same as the first, but darker. As soon as Gerard's feet are firmly planted on the second floor landing, he wants to bolt again. In fact he is totally about to do that when he heard a giggle, right behind him.


Gerard turns slowly. He can feel his blood pounding, going cold. Every hair on his body stands on end and all his muscles tense.


There's a boy standing behind him. The boy looks the same age as Gerard, fifteen, sixteen, maybe a year younger. But... but there's something wrong with the way this body falls. Elbows pointed at unnatural angles, shoulders broad and distorted. And his skin... it's green, like rot, but flushed red. An awful red that's so dark it's almost brown.


Hi.” The boy says. He's grinning. Gerard can't bring himself to grin or smile, or anything back, “I'm Frank. I'm a vampire.” Frank's grin is teasing as Gerard steps back and shakes his head,


There's no such thing as vampires,” Gerard tries to stop himself, because this is totally a story he wants to tell if he ever gets out of here, but, come on! There's no such thing as vampires!


Except now Frank's smiling at him, big and wide and Gerard can definitely see long, sharp, white fangs, and they don't look fake. Frank giggles. He's obviously heard that line before.


“Yes there is.”